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Meet Sarah.

Sarah is a professional dancer, singer, and actress who has found a
second passion helping like-minded, driven performers craft the content they need for continued success in their careers.

Sarah draws from her 6+ years of experience as a professional dancer and performer in NYC when creating content for her clients. Her career spans a myriad of regional theatres, theme parks, concert work, and more. She has also gained valuable knowledge assisting behind the table at multiple auditions in NYC. She has a BS in Dance, Psychology, and Arts Administration from Skidmore College and is a proud member of AEA. Click here to see more about all that.


tl;dr: She knows what's up and wants to help you make sure all your audition materials look sickening. 

Her Process.

Creating a reel is like choreographing a dance. As a dancer herself, Sarah approaches building a reel as an opportunity to set a new work. Utilizing raw footage, she pieces together choreography that showcases each performer's strengths and talents. She brings her own artistry, musicality, and creative expression to build a movie trailer starring you.

Her reel-making process includes focusing on three specific, client-focused criteria:

1. Showcasing Technique. With a trained eye, SGR provides quality assurance; using the best quality clips while making sure the performer is showing their highest level of technical ability and achievement.

2. Highlighting Artistry. Every performer brings a fresh artistic viewpoint to the industry. SGR diligently makes sure it comes across with intentional, professional editing.

3. Distinct Musicality. Pasting together clips is one thing, but selecting a song and incorporating it as an effective musical overlay sets the pace and tone for a dance reel.

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