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The bottom line goal at SGR is to help artists; and while SGR does a lot, artists have a lot of needs outside video content! I created this page in the hopes that it will be a resource to not only connect artists with the services they need to succeed, but also to promote and support other artistpreneurs with small businesses.

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Founded by my good friend Katy Kauffman, hustle by trsk is a creative business consulting and education hub that turns striving artists into successful artistpreneurs. She offers a variety of online courses and 1-on-1 consulting services to help you succeed both as an artist and a human.

hustle by trsk


Co-founded by artists Taylor Denapoli and Adam Wedesky, Think Tank offers non-judgmental, fun, and affordable dance classes in New York City. Their aim is to create a safe atmosphere for the dance community to collaborate, create, and learn. 

Think Tank


Founded by one of my best friends and personal sources of inspiration, Megan Bowen, Dance From Home is a virtual space for daily live at-home workouts, dance classes, and workshops via Zoom.  Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, DFH's goal is to provide all-levels classes that are empowering and inclusive. Professionals and non-professionals alike can benefit from DFH's all-encompassing services.

Dance From Home


You need not look any further than this website to see what a fantastic photographer my friend Cesar Razza is! He has an incredible eye and Cesar Shoots is my number one recommendation if you need dance, lifestyle, editorial or social media photos. 

Cesar Shoots